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Mile High Commercial Advisors FAQ

Why Work with Mile High Commercial Advisors

Experience, service and results.  With over 30 years experience representing the best interests of buyers and tenants, we have a proven track record of achieving very aggressive lease and purchase terms on behalf of our clients.  In addition, our process will also save you a tremendous amount of time and aggravation so that you can focus on your core business.  Our goal is to become your “private label” real estate department over the long term.

Does Mile High Commercial Advisors have the resources to compete with the larger national firms?

Absolutely.  Technology has placed commercial real estate firms on equal footing, allowing our clients to benefit from the same sources of information that the larger organizations have.  

Has Mile High Commercial Advisors ever represented any landlords or developers?

No.  We never will.  The conflict of interest inherent with a company that also represents landlords or owners will negatively affect the financial outcome of the transaction.  Companies that also represent landlords tend to “facilitate” transactions, rather than truly “negotiate” transactions because the landlord is or could become a future client.  100% of Mile High Commercial Advisors revenue is from representing buyers and tenants.  Our fiduciary duty is always to our clients so there is never a question of where our loyalty resides.

How much does it cost to work with Mile High Commercial Advisors?

Fortunately, the landlord compensates us-not you.  Our fee is built into the rental rate or sales price so you are, in fact, indirectly paying for it but you do not write us a check.  If you were not being represented by Mile High Commercial Advisors, the landlord or their agents would receive the entire commission so it behooves companies to take advantage of our services.  You are paying for Mile High Commercial Advisors services and knowledge so why not utilize them?

Can my company expect Mile High Commercial Advisors to be professionally aggressive in the negotiation process?

We value our client’s relationship with their landlords; however, this is a business transaction which costs your firm a tremendous amount of money so your tenancy needs to be valued and leveraged.  Our goal is to make sure the landlord or building ownership is aware of the value of your tenancy.

How does Mile High Commercial Advisors differ from the larger commercial real estate firms?

Since we are a boutique firm and not a volume driven brokerage firm like the majority of our competition, we can spend all the time needed to achieve your goals and objectives, regardless of your firm’s size.  Mile High Commercial Advisors area of expertise is working with companies looking for first class service and undivided attention by very experienced advisors and not handed over to a junior person with minimal experience, a common practice performed by the larger firms.

Will Mile High Commercial Advisors be a resource for us after the transaction is completed?

Yes.  It is not unusual for our clients to have future questions or requests.  Since we were intimately involved in the negotiation of the transaction, we know your rights and obligations as a tenant/buyer and can answer most questions or requests you may have.   We also invite you to send us your annual operating expense statements so we can make sure all the negotiated items are being charged to you correctly.  There is no charge to you for the annual review since it reinforces our commitment to be a long term advisor to your firm.

Does Mile High Commercial Advisors do a lot of repeat work with their clients?

We have one of the highest client retention rates in the industry.  The quality of our service and attention to your needs, both financially and operationally, are two important reasons why our clients continue to work with us. 

Does it help to have Mile High Commercial Advisors working on our behalf even though we will probably want to stay in our current building and renew our existing lease?

Definitely.  Approximately 60% of our business is helping companies renew their existing leases.  Whether your firm remains in the current space or eventually relocates, there is a significant financial commitment in either case so it is important to leverage the outside market if you are going to achieve an aggressive renewal package.  Your landlord is in the real estate business so why not protect yourself by having professional representation.

As it relates to my current lease, when is a good time to start speaking with Mile High Commercial Advisors about upcoming real estate needs?

In most cases, it is important to start the process at least 12 months prior to your current lease expiration.  This will ensure a smooth process and give you time to evaluate every viable option and the associated costs.  If time becomes a liability in the process, it will negatively impact your financial situation.