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Boulder and Denver Office Space Gets More Technical

The University of Colorado is planning $100 million in new Office Space and related facilities that will house a new geosciences center in east Boulder, and that could drive up rents all over the metro area.

According to a story in the Daily Camera, the plan is for one new building of about 83,000 square feet, and renovation of an existing building that has 280,000 square feet.

Even that may not be enough, as planning officials reportedly found that the university has a "space need" to build much more instructional and related space. The report said there's a "deficit of 258,788 square feet of instructional space and deficit of 448,858 square feet of research space."

According to the story in the Camera, "the rapidly increasing amount of grants the university attracts for environmental science and energy systems programs, as well as the growing number of students enrolled in these areas, justifies the need for a new space."

Every time there's an increase academic space, there's always a corresponding rise in related office space, apartments and more. That will only serve to drive up rents and the complexity of leases for all commercial operations in Boulder and all over the metro area.

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