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How to Choose the Best Location for your Denver Business

When deciding where to locate your Denver business there is more to think about than a nice building or the length of your personal commute.  Where you locate your business can play a large role in its success. The Denver commercial real estate market stretches over a large area and is comprised of many different business districts.  Here are five questions to ask that will help you choose the right Denver commercial location for your Colorado business.

What do you do? 
The nature of your business may help determine your location.  Zoning laws dictate where certain types of businesses may be located.  Be sure that you can legally locate your business where you want it before you sign any leases or agreements.

How do you interact with your customers?
If your customers will be visiting your business location, you want to determine where most of them are and find a Denver commercial location easily accessible or convenient for them.  If you rely on drive-by or walk-in traffic, you need to be an area with great visibility. If your customers will seek out your business or come in by appointment, then you want to be accessible from population centers, major roadways or public transportation.

If you don’t have customers coming in to your location, then you may want to consider a Denver commercial office space that will make it easier for your employees to get to work, whether they drive or use public transportation.

What is your business image?
Are you in a more traditional industry such as finance, law or medicine?  Locating in an office complex, a business campus or an area of town near similar businesses may work best for you.  Law firms may wish to locate near downtown Denver’s courthouses and medical businesses near one of Denver’s many hospital and medical campuses.  If you are in a more creative field or involved in the arts, you may wish to consider locating near one of Denver’s arts districts.  Denver has many commercial real estate districts that cater to different industries, including medicine, high-tech and manufacturing, among others.

What amenities and services will you and your employees need?
Besides considering your business image and compatibility with nearby businesses, you should also be looking at the needs of you and your employees.  Will your employees need or want access to childcare facilities, eating establishments or other services that serve you or your business.  Consider locating within easy access to businesses your company will need on a regular basis, such as office supply stores, printing shops or If you are a business who specializes in B2B may want to locate near the type of businesses you serve.  Forming business alliances or strategic partnerships is often easier with nearby businesses.  Your business location can help shape your public business image so it is definitely something to consider.

Do You Need Professional Commercial Real Estate Help?
With such a large commercial real estate market to consider and so many different factors that can affect the success of your business, having assistance from someone who knows Denver commercial real estate and who knows the ins and outs of  negotiating a business lease can make a tremendous difference in successfully locating your Colorado business.  ProTenant works exclusively with commercial real estate users and can provide you with everything you need to find the right location for your Denver business at a negotiated.  A tenant representative can help you with everything from answering the first four questions to negotiating the lease and making sure your new Denver business location includes the services and amenities you need for long-term business success.

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