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Denver Tenant Representation Keeps Changing

Two items in the news recently reminded us that Denver tenant representation just keeps evolving as commercial leases just keep getting more complicated.

The first item was news that the infamous NORAD has moved out of it's home in Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs. The base was built there to withstand any kind of attack. NORAD decided that the threat of an attack of that nature just wasn't so severe, so it moved out to a building at nearby Peterson Air Force Base.

There are some military operations still in the underground facility, and they recently got an upgrade, according to this story. That must have been a complicated tenant negotiation for sure, but because all sides in the negotiation work for the government, it probably went off without any tenant representation, at least the kind that we are more accustomed to.

News of that, however, made us think about the classic movie War Games with Matthew Broderick. That movie came out in 1983, three years before Ferris Bueller's Day Off. That movie just came up in the news because of that list that comes out each year about the mindset of the students starting as a freshman in college. This year's list points out that Ferris Bueller could be the dad of a kid starting college this year.Wow. Time flies.

 Anyway, if you'd like to talk about tenant representation for a property in Denver, or just to talk about classic movies from the 1980s, just contact us.

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