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Moving Your Business from the Den to Downtown Denver-- What You Need to Know

You’ve established your own business and its doing well. So well, in fact, that you’ve outgrown the spare bedroom or the dining room table. It’s time to begin considering your options.
How do you know when it’s time to move your home-based business out of the house and into a commercial office space and what do you need to know for a successful transition?

First, consider the overhead. How will moving your home business into a commercial space in Colorado impact the bottom line?  You need to determine how much leasing office space will cost—and the monthly lease payment isn’t the only expense. As a business owner moving into a Denver office space, there are many financial factors beyond the lease.  You need to consider utility costs, taxes, insurance, furnishings and décor and commuting expense. 

Next, what about employees? Do you have a plan for growth? Many cities have zoning laws prohibiting the employment  of non-household members in a home-based business.  If you need to add employees now or plan to add them in the future, you need to consider this in your search for commercial real estate.

How will a move affect your business and your productivity?  Moving is a challenge for any business.  How much time will you need to spend driving around town, searching for Denver commercial space?  How much time will this take away from your business?

And finally, location.  Where should you locate your commercial office?  While it may be tempting to simply choose the nearest location to your home you can find, you need to consider your business needs and your client base in choosing a commercial office location. 

Using a Denver commercial real estate advisor can help make this transition easier and more economical. A tenant representative, such as ProTenant knows the Denver commercial real estate market and can help you find the right commercial space at the right price.  Tenant representatives work for the lessee or the buyer.  They are not interested in just filling a building; their goal is to help commercial renters to find the right office space for their business. Much of the time, their fees are paid as part of the landlord’s commission. Even when they are not, the savings you may realize from their expertise will exceed the cost in dollars and stress of doing it yourself.  In addition, a tenant representative may be able to connect you with the resources you need to answer all of your moving questions and move your growing business from your home to the perfect Denver commercial space with a minimum amount of stress and disruption.

ProTenant knows Denver commercial real estate.  Tenant representatives know the questions to ask that you may not.  They know what to look for in a commercial real estate lease, they know Denver commercial real estate.  So, when making the transition from den to downtown, one of the first items on your to-do list should be to find a tenant representative.

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