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Eight Reasons NOT to Work from Home

Telecommuting—working from home—has become very popular in recent years.  Many Denver small businesses or solo entrepreneurs have decided that working from home seems like the ideal way to combine family life and business success while saving on their Denver office space.

Working from home does have its downside, though.  There are often complications and challenges that arise when working at home.  Having a commercial office space in Denver offers certain benefits that telecommuting may not.  Here are eight reasons you might want to consider an office away from home.

 No crumbs in the keyboard.  It’s not likely your secretary or your admin will be eating peanut butter crackers at the computer, spilling their crumbs and their juice in your keyboard or leaving sticky fingerprints on the mouse.  Not having to share the computer with your son’s homework or your spouse’s to-do list can really increase productivity and cut down on computer repairs.

You don’t have to worry about whether your clients are allergic to cats.  Meeting with clients when you work from home can be a real challenge.  Not all of your clients will love the dog like you do—and the dog may not love them.  Sure, you can meet at the local coffee shop but how certain are you going to be that there’s a quiet table available or that it won’t be full when you schedule that 2 p.m. meeting? Having your own office space will assure you of a quiet and professional space to meet with clients.

No one will color on your proposal.  Oh, whoops? Was that an important paper, Dad?  Having a private space of your own means not having to worry if you step away from your work that your office supplies will end up the medium for your kids’ artistic endeavors.

Kids make lousy IT techs.  There isn’t always ready tech support available when you work from home.  Your son may be a whiz at setting up the video game console and your daughter may be able to text like crazy, but how much help will they be when your network goes down or your hard drive crashes? Many service providers charge a premium for home visits or mileage for a trip to the ‘burb to repair your computer. And where will you keep that equipment, anyway?  A laptop and printer don’t necessarily take up much space, but what about a copier, a scanner or other office machines that speed up production and make life easier? Having an office space with your co-workers where you can share the cost of equipment and have ready access to technical support makes the work day go so much easier.

No tax headaches from trying to guess how much you can write off. And then there’s the issue of the home office deduction.  How much space do you write off? Do you write off any? Is it really a dedicated home office? When you locate your office in a commercial office building, you won’t have to worry about whether you’ve written off too much or too little or whether your tax return will be flagged for review next year.

More family  or free time. One of the big reasons people choose to work at home is they think it will give them more family time. Recent studies show the opposite is more often true. With work right there staring you in the face 24 hours a day, it’s much easier to “just take care of one more thing.” When you leave your work at the office—the one not at the kitchen table—you can come home and focus on your family.

Now that you’ve decided you really need to find your own Denver office space, turn to a dedicated tenant representative who can help you find the space you need to make your business successful.  ProTenant’s team of exclusive commercial real estate advisors can find you the right space for your business.

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