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Why You Need a Denver Tenant Representative

So, you’re either starting a new business or you’ve outgrown your old space and it’s time to move.  How do decide where to locate your office with all the commercial real estate available in Denver?  The Denver metro area is very large and has many different business “districts.” 

There are many factors to consider when looking for office space in Denver.   Commercial real estate can be very complex.  Spending the time you need to understand the entire leasing process and all of its financial and legal nuances may take considerable time away from what you do best—running your business and making money.

The Denver commercial real estate market covers areas from Aurora to Boulder and many cities in between.  Do you really have time to drive around looking for “Space available” signs and then trying to guess if it will work for your company?

An experienced tenant representative can save you both time, money and headaches in Denver’s diverse commercial real estate market.

Here are just a few of the ways an experienced tenant representative can help you avoid headaches and mistakes that could cost your company thousands in lost revenue and lost business.

  • A tenant representative can help you decide whether a long-term or short-term lease is more favorable to your company.
  • A tenant representative will be able to tell you whether a particular space is zoned for the business you want to put there.
  • A tenant representative will know the right questions to ask potential landlords.
  • A tenant representative can make sure you understand the difference between different types of leases.
  • A tenant representative will make sure that your lease includes the needed amount of parking.
  • A tenant representative can help you negotiate credits for tenant improvements.
  • A tenant representative can help make sure the building meets ADA requirements so you aren’t stuck with costly improvements to avoid unwanted legal expenses.
  • A tenant representative can negotiate the right to sub-lease, in the event your business needs change and you need either less space or to move before your lease is up.
  • A tenant representative is there to help find the right commercial office space for your business, not to help landlords fill their buildings.
  • A tenant representative is often paid from the leasing commission.  However, even if you need to pay a tenant representative yourself, the lease they negotiate and the time they save you, often ends up saving your business money.

To discover all of the ways a tenant representative can save you time and money in finding office space in Denver, contact ProTenant today.

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