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8 Questions to Consider Before Moving Your Business

Moving a business is a big decision. Not only can it be costly in terms of money, but a business move can impact employee morale, business growth and customer acquisition/retention.

Buying or leasing Denver commercial real estate is a big commitment and investment. You want to be sure you are locating your business in the Denver office space or industrial space that will give you the best possible business advantage.

When you are choosing a tenant representative to help you with your move in the Denver commercial real estate market, they should be asking you and helping you get answers to some of these key questions.

What is my business plan? Before even beginning to look at commercial real estate, you need to have a plan for where your business is headed and how it will grow and change over the next several years. To get the right commercial space, you need to have a pretty good idea of your business needs.

How long do I plan to stay? How much growth do I anticipate? This goes right along with your first question. Especially if you are a young business, you need to consider how quickly you might outgrow your space and have your tenant representative negotiate your lease accordingly.

How well will my business fit in this space? Do I need to plan space for new equipment/employees? Do you have large equipment or machinery and how easily will you be able to move it into your new space? Does your business plan anticipate adding new employees or large pieces of equipment or machinery? While you don't want to pay for space you don't need, you also don't want to be forced to move prematurely. One option to consider is a commercial property that will allow the option of leasing additional space in the same building as your business grows.

Can I get out of the lease? Most commercial Short-term leases run3-5 years and long-term leases run 10. Will the space work for you that long? If you experience an unexpected change in your business during the lease term is there an option to sublease?

What type of tenants are in this building/complex? Before moving into a new business space in the Denver commercial market, take a look at the existing tenants who will be your neighbors. Are their businesses compatible with yours? Will you be attracting a similar type of client or will their clients make your clients reluctant to visit your place of business?

Is there onsite management? How available are they? How quickly do they respond? You want to know that any concerns or problems that could impact your ability to conduct business can be addressed and resolved as quickly as possible. While many smaller commercial properties do not have onsite managers, larger buildings may have a dedicated property manager.

What are the amenities? Adequate parking for both employees and visitors is critical to business success. Many landlords, especially in this competitive Denver commercial real estate market, may offer remodeling and build-out of the space or even a moving allowance. If it is a larger, multi-tenant building, does it offer any tenant amenities that can be offered as employee perks.

And finally, how will this impact my employees? Will your move create longer or shorter commutes for your employees? Are there local services nearby that might offset any additional commute time? Considering the needs and morale of your employees in a move can make any move much easier

Finding the right commercial space for your business can be a daunting task. To help you address and answer these questions, you need a commercial real estate advisor whose sole interest is in helping you find the right space. A tenant representative such as ProTenant has the training and experience to answer all these moving questions and more. 

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