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8 Steps to Making a New Office Space Move without Losing Your Mind

There comes a time in the life of most businesses that some sort of corporate relocation becomes necessary.  Whether it’s moving to a larger office space, purchasing your own piece of commercial real estate or relocating to a more suitable location, moving a business can be a complicated process.  Beyond just finding the right space in Denver’s commercial real estate market, a business move can involve everything from printing new stationery to accommodating employee commutes.

Here are eight  tips to help you move your business without losing your mind.
  1. Write it down.  Make a list of everything you can think of that needs to be to make your business move happen.  Double check your list with your professional movers and your tenant representative to make sure you haven’t missed anything.  Once it’s written down, you can begin to assign a budget, a timeline and someone to be in charge of each step.
  2. Plan ahead.  Give yourself as much time as possible.   Ideally, you should have at least three months to plan and execute the move.  More is usually better.
  3. Expect the unexpected.  Plan your budget and time needs early and be prepared for “surprise” expenses and snags that may affect your time line. 
  4. Select your moving company early in the process  and make use of their expertise.  Professional business movers can be an invaluable resource to save time and money for your business and sanity for you and your employees.
  5. Delegate.  Choose one employee to oversee the moving plans and select employees from each department to coordinate efforts in their department.
  6. If you are upgrading equipment or technology during the move, make sure you get accurate time estimates as early as possible for installing and activating the new equipment.
  7. Communicate.  Keep your employees informed throughout the process.  Knowing what’s happening keeps the stress level down and employees happy.  Change can be hard and the fewer unpleasant surprises your move involves, the easier it will be.
  8. Choose a tenant representative like ProTenant to help you through the process.  Not only will a tenant representative help you find the right office space, but they can be an invaluable resource for helping you through the move.  From enabling consistent communication with landlords, building operators and suppliers to keeping your expectations realistic, a business relocation will be more successful and less stressful when you choose the right professionals for the job.

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