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Getting the Right Denver Office Space for Your Business

Companies, under the advisement of their exclusive tenant representative, are wise to evaluate the stability of the landlord of a potential new space.

There are protections that can be put into leases, like an SDNA clause (subordination, non-disturbance and attornment) but what can be done to better assess the quality of a landlord before you sign a lease?

Contact an existing tenant for a reference. It's a simple, common-sense step that could reveal very useful information. Ask both general questions, like how quickly repairs are addressed, and specific, for example, have you had operating expense discrepancies? Hopefully an existing tenant would be happy to share their views while remaining professionally above board.

If you have needs to customize your potential space, inquire about the process and contractors the landlord employed. If the space becomes the right choice, knowing how fit-ups are handled is crucial.

You can also inquire about the landlord's ownership structure. Is it a professional real estate company in the business of leasing office space or an out-of-town investment group slow to provide approval and feedback on lease issues? Ownership structure can impact everything from initial negotiations to sublease approval. It also correlates directly to the financial stability of the property and the landlord's ability to provide allowances.

Find out about other properties within the landlord's portfolio. Have there been newsworthy items about relationships with other tenants? Are the properties all located within similar environments or geographically diverse?

Tenants should also review a building's tenant roster to spot patterns in tenancy. This relates a bit more to the draw of the property itself but can help predict how the landlord may react during negotiations. Is the building occupied by a number of law firms on sound financial footing or struggling start-up companies?

Other surface level items to consider are security in secluded parts of the building, previous safety issues that have come up and the type of service team in place. The relationships a landlord has also helps you assess their approach to building management.

This is an ideal time to secure a Denver office lease in a high quality office property. Therefore, it's that much more critical to make sure the value you're likely to receive doesn't get offset by the antics of a challenging landlord.

Let ProTenant do the foot work in evaluating the right office space for you.

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